U-4-ME with Vikashini !

Nature has inspired artists from Audubon to Picasso forever and I believe that almost all artists are nature lovers. Among all sorts of creative geniuses my favourites are the artists who get inspired to create art ‘for’ nature.  I am referring to Eco-artists here, those artists who use waste as raw materials for their art and thus treat our Planet with respect. After all EARTH isn’t a junkyard for discarded waste, is it?

The beauty of upcycling is that it offers endless possibilities. Recycling is good for the environment no doubt, but upcycling and repurposing is even better because it is often pollution free, cost effective and consumes less energy.

Getting creative to upcycle waste can be a rewarding experience and the results can be quirky, stylish and extraordinary. I have had the privilege to interact with many Eco-Entrepreneurs who upcycle for a living, you can read about them in the archives here and all of them agree with me when I say that upcycling is the most creative way to waste management.

So over the next few weeks I am going to dedicate my blog to incredibly talented upcyclists who refuse to treat our Planet like a dustbin and like my good friend Vidya says ‘May the Green tribe grow’!

Okay, since you lasted this long into the post let me tell you what ‘U-4-ME’ means, just in case you were wondering that is :-), it stands for  Upcycle  4(for) Mother Earth. I think it’s a cool abbreviation 🙂 (PS: I came up with this when I was ‘not’ drinking coffee – I would put a simile with a tongue sticking out here but that is weird isn’t it? My friends and I send each other that simile on facebook all the time, never wondered how that would look if we actually did it :-P).

Anyway over the next few weeks I plan to post a hundred and one upcycled works from green craft enthusiasts and I am hoping that will inspire you to upcycle something too, so here I go…

Our first seven U 4 ME entries came from the very talented Vikashini Palanisamy, an engineering graduate and an alumni of Cambridge. ‘Golden trees Creations’ is the name of the colourful venture Vikashini and her bestie Sowmiya Ponnusamy run together.

Vikashini is quite popular for her art on canvas in the south of India and now in Germany, she is an active upcyclist where as Sowmiya, an engineer at General Motors, Bangalore is a terracotta jewelry artist and upcycling wine bottles seems to be her new found love. More power to their upcycling projects I say.

U4ME #1

Like most of us, Vikashini too loves to shop, but she refuses to throw away the price tags.  She has upcycled them into these beautiful bookmarks giving it an Indian touch, don’t you love them?


U4ME #2

Vikashini has upcycled yet another price tag into this vibrant bookmark and I am starting to think she loves fish, if yes we have one thing in common! I think this one is perfect to add in some colour into a book with no pictures 🙂


I don’t know any Indian girl who doesn’t love mehndi , this mehndi inspired wine bottle would make a perfect gift for the bride to be on her Mehndi ceremony I guess, don’t you agree?



I have always been a fan of the ‘less is more designs’ and this simple yet appealing upcycled piece just fits the bill, I think it would look wonderful on a little ballerinas study table 🙂 reminding her why she should finish homework ASAP.



There is something about black and silver which can never go wrong. This upcycled wine bottle won’t fail to add elegance to the corner it will sit in for sure.


Who knew that a waste tile dug out of a construction site could end up sitting in your living room in such a beautiful manner? Yay to upcycling 🙂


Last but not the least are these tea light holders upcycled from wine bottles; I can already imagine these on window sills on a windy Diwali night.


Well I couldn’t pick my favourite from these! I love them all not just because they are all unique but because they shout ‘I refuse to treat Mother Earth like a dustbin!’ If u can relate to that upcycle something today and don’t forget to send me pictures, reach out to me on my Facebook page here 🙂 will soon come back with more interesting upcycle work…

To check out more of Vikashini’s and Soumiya’s work click here…

Until next time…

Think again before you throw anything away and think green…

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